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Alpert's Newspaper Delivery

5 Great Jones St, New-York, NY 10012 map it
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Message From Alpert's Newspaper Delivery

Alpert's Advantages: 1. We offer an efficient, reliable reasonably priced service. Have all of your newspapers(Including Weekend Editions) delivered to your building by 7:00am, or earlier, if necessary, for distribution. We service both large and small companies.2. We can hold papers based upon your calendar and have them all delivered to you on your next working day. This will insure a complete set of papers when you return (no bundles broken into).3. We plastic wrap (or bundle) all deliveries at no additional charge. This will discourage most theft as well as keeping the papers dry.4. We deliver only newspapers in "good condition" - no torn copies are acceptable for delivery.5. We customize our delivery time to suit your business requirements. In the event you a special 4:00am delivery as in the case of radio stations etc, we can accommodate these needs.6. We delivery both local and out-of-town newspapers.7. We competitively priced, especially on bulk orders.8. We are owner managed. This always gives you someone knowledgeable of your needs to talk to, when you need to talk.
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